Former MDLIVE Chief Technology Officer Launches Patient-Reported Outcomes Platform, PRO Certified Healthcare, Inc., in Partnership with the National Football League Alumni Association

PRO Certified Healthcare, Inc. launches a patient-reported outcomes platform in partnership with The NFL Alumni Association to address medical needs of the NFL Alumni and consumers
Boca Raton, Florida, August 25th 2021— PRO Certified Healthcare, Inc in partnership with the NFL Alumni Association, announced today the launch of a data-driven patient-reported outcomes platform. As the first to truly scale patient-reported outcomes through a digital platform, PRO Certified is able to capture and track qualitative and quantitative data so that patients can be empowered to make more informed decisions and receive quality care. Not only does PRO Certified’s program benefit patients, but it enhances provider reputations and grows their practices through the use of objective data and the esteemed reputation of the NFL Alumni Association.
“We’re thrilled to be launching the first truly scalable patient-reported digital platform. At PRO Certified, we are changing the way patients choose surgeons, and that starts with objective quantitative and qualitative data,” said Brian Lichtlin, former MDLIVE Chief Technology Officer and CEO and Co-Founder of PRO Certified Healthcare, Inc.
The program was originally developed to address the orthopedic medical needs of the over 35,000 NFL Alumni members to make more informed surgeon choices. Tracy Porter, the Chairman of the Board of Directors for the NFL Alumni Association personally witnessed the need for a data-driven solution that could offer recommendations for local, quality orthopedic surgeons.
“Most former NFL players typically receive hip, knee and shoulder replacements 10 years earlier than the average population”, said Tracy Porter, Chairman of the Board of Directors for the NFL Alumni Association. “Working in the national office for the NFL Alumni Association, we would get at least 2-3 calls a week from former NFL players asking for orthopedic surgeon recommendations, and we had no way of offering credible recommendations. With a solution like PRO Certified, players, consumers and their families can have peace of mind knowing they are going to receive quality care from a reputable surgeon.”
The patient-reported outcomes platform will launch with several Silicon Valley, California surgery centers which include two notable facilities: Hacienda Surgery Center, partnered with Tenet Healthcare, Dignity Health and John Muir Healthcare System. Tracy Surgery Center, partnered with Surgery Partners, a Bain-backed, publicly traded company.  
“Patient-reported outcomes is the holy grail of value-based care, but it’s been an elusive target because of scalability and objectivity”, said Greg Horner, M.D. and Chief Medical Officer and Co-Founder of PRO Certified Healthcare, Inc. “Other efforts were simply not deemed objective enough to work with payers to improve compensation based on quality, but with the NFL offering its oversight and respected brand, the merits of this program are relatable to payers and self-insured employer groups. It is the most powerful and intelligent care-managed tool that I’ve seen today.”
With a 95% integration rate in outpatient surgical cases through an EMR, surgery patients are automatically enrolled in the platform to generate and capture patient feedback up to one year post-operation. Once enrolled, patients have the choice to receive questionnaires in a variety of ways such as voice, text SMS, email, video, and even interactive voice response (IVR).
“In the world of value-based care, patient feedback is tantamount. As an orthopedic surgeon, these tools have given my practice the opportunity to be in communication with far more patients than I or my nurse practitioners can manage otherwise. It’s allowed me to offer a very high-touch experience for my patients and zero in on those that need care the most”, said Dr. Horner.
As a future endeavor, PRO Certified Healthcare, Inc. will expand the program into additional surgery centers and health systems and will partner with large healthcare insurers across the nation, while expanding into additional medical specialties.
About PRO Certified Healthcare, Inc.
PRO Certified Healthcare, Inc., a product of the NFL Alumni Association, is a leading data-driven patient engagement platform designed to provide patient-reported outcomes to improve the quality of care and improve physician reputations at scale. PRO Certified’s qualitative and quantitative data allows both patients and providers to make more informed decisions. As a trusted patient engagement platform, PRO Certified Healthcare, Inc. provides patient engagement solutions to orthopedic surgeons, orthopedic clinics and large healthcare insurers across the United States. 
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